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Utilization Quotient

What makes our building bricks really excellent?

Not only that are they absolutely compatible with standard bricks, available loose, and produced in the sharpest tolerances using the best plastic material and brilliant colours. There’s more!

At Q-BRICKS® we have studied and developed the concept of the “utilisation-quotient”. It establishes the relationship between the total number of studs and the number of pieces in a package. So you really know how much you can build!

In mixed packages of bricks, the total number of pieces is praised. In this way, small and large building bricks are offered to the customer as equivalent. But this is not the case. The actual value of a building brick is proportional to the number of its studs (coupling elements) since this determines the number of possible compositions. The “utilisation quotient” is derived from the total number of studs within a package multiplied by the total number of pieces, and therefore shows the actual use of the acquired mixture.

The larger the “utilisation quotient” the higher the variety of possible combinations.

Here are 3 examples of our mixed package packs:

So, now you can easily calculate the actual "utility ratio" on all packages of the building bricks on the market yourself! You will be amazed.

We wish you good constructions and lots of fun with our bricks!

If you would like to read more about our study of the "utility ratio", please click on the PDF: Utility Ratio